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7:02am July 31, 2014


"do u want the rest of my food"


"here u can have them"


6:26am July 31, 2014


parents: you need a haircut

me: image

5:51am July 31, 2014



What do your lines say?

This is weird.

It’s Robert Pattinson in the days before Twilight.

Look at him, still smiling. There’s hope in his eyes. He can see a future before him, and he still believes that it can be good. He still has dreams.

It’s like Dean Winchester before Hell!

It’s like Dean Winchester before Hell

5:16am July 31, 2014
4:41am July 31, 2014


Ok you won a world cup but you still lost two world wars so chill

4:06am July 31, 2014

my day


my day

3:31am July 31, 2014
2:57am July 31, 2014

"We have a fun on set. I feel no competition with them. I feel like they’re my biggest supporters and I know I’m theirs biggest supporter."

- Jared Padalecki

"My favorite part about working with boys is knowing that they always have my back. And by "always having my back" I mean they always try to f**k me up."

- Misha Collins

"One day you’re a soap opera star and the next your two best friends are an energetic 6’4 puppy and a crazy person who commissions skittle portraits of your face."

- Jensen Ackles

2:21am July 31, 2014


no i’m not gonna lend you my pencil because if i lend you my pencil then you’ll want my calculator and then you’ll want austria and czechoslovakia and then you’ll end up invading poland and i will not have that shit

1:45am July 31, 2014


Get to know me meme: favorite relationships [2/5] J2

"It’s remarkable, being two guys from Texas who would probably be going for the same roles, I feel no competition with him. I feel like he’s my biggest supporter and I know I’m his biggest supporter."

1:10am July 31, 2014
12:35am July 31, 2014

Come on, let’s go!

11:25pm July 30, 2014








10:50pm July 30, 2014
10:25pm July 30, 2014

Dave Chappelle predicts the future again.

Dave Chappelle predicts the future again.